Friday, March 20, 2009

On Prayer: Prayer Journaling

First off, my apologies for the technical difficulties. I hope it works this time.  

Now, I thought I would change it up a little bit and do my first ever video-blog--the main reason being that I have a bit of show-and-tell to do for this next one.  

As a perfectionist, there were a number of things on the video that I wanted to do-over. But, then again, I'd probably be here forever, since I ended up sharing for over 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the 'delete' button doesn't work so well with video editing as it does with writing. I notice I ramble at times and say things that I already have said, so watching myself has given me an opportunity to reflect on how I can better transmit my thoughts. Many people are terrified of seeing themselves on screen or even listening to their own voice, but I've had plenty of practice as a singer.  And, I took a Hopkins poetry class where my professor required us to record ourselves reciting one of his poems, so it's not new to me.  So, here I am, unscripted, unedited, and uncensored!

(Well, actually, it now is edited.  I didn't make another video but just ended up trimming the one I made. So, unfortunately, you won't get to see talk about my last batch of pan de ube--a Filipino pastry.  That also accounts for the abrupt jumps in the video...I'm no tech expert on these things but I tried to make it flow as best as I could) 

(*If you are reading this through facebook, as I have my blog automatically update to my profile, you'll have to access the video directly through my website. Youtube video doesn't stream through my imported notes) 


Michelle said...

Ryan -

The video has been taken down by YouTube (it's over 10 minutes).

Ryan Rallanka, SJ said...

Oops...hahaha, well, guess I will have to re-do it

Michelle said...

Youtube - God's way of helping you edit?

Thomas Merton wrote in his journal in 1958 (when I was not quite 6 months old!):
"To write is to think and to live -- even to pray"

Travel Monkey said...

How tech savvy of you! It's very cool that you're so fearless of listening to yourself. Sometimes when I hear the sound of my own voice (uggh, it's that high pitched and girlie?) I want to take a vow of silence! You sounded good, although my speakers struggled with the gentleness of your voice.

In response to your question, I do hope to continue writing. Perhaps I'll start a new blog. I will let you know.