Sunday, June 7, 2009

I changed it, again

Well, the recent title to my blog didn't stay very long.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I began to dislike the title more and more. Not that I have anything against being in God's embrace, but I don't feel like it fully captured what I had been doing with my blog and what I want to be doing. And, I wanted the word 'Jesuit' to be in the title, for different reasons.

During my 8 day retreat, one of the title's that I came up with was "In All Things." I was actually quite excited about this new title, because it captured more the spirit of the blog. Unfortunately, it's hard to be original these days, and that title, much to my chagrin, was taken by one of America magazine's blogs.

So, I sat here, wondering how I could rename this blog, and I started reading Gerard Manley Hopkins "As Kingfishers Catch Fire", one of my most favorite poems of his. His poem serves as the inspiration for this new title, since he writes about each thing in nature doing what they are meant to do, and ultimately speaks of Christ's nature.

Really, what I want to do in this blog is to be myself, not someone that I think others think I should be. To be that human being that God means me to be. That, for me, is to live the call that God has given me, and that calling happens to be with the Jesuits.

It's not the catchiest title, and it's not the most creative thing I've ever come up with. But, then again, I could sit here forever and never be satisfied with the titles I come up with, so I think this will do.

Well, I'm hoping this title has more sticking power. I have a better feeling about it, but no promises! It's my blog, and I do what I want to (with God's inspiration, of course!)


Michelle said...

Welcome back...under either title!

I very much enjoyed your posts about the 30-days -- it's 4 months today that my 30-days ended, and it was interesting to have your posts as a counterpoint to my own reflections (I've got a meeting with my regular director tomorrow!)...

Ryan Rallanka, SJ said...

My 30 day certainly was my own and was very different from my own Jesuit brothers doing it at the same time. It certainly has been my experience, however, that God meets us precisely where we are.

I hope your 30 days was an enriching one for you. Have a good meeting with your director =)

Michelle said...

I'm certain God had different things in mind for a 50 year old married mother of two teens than for a Jesuit novice - that is one of ignatius's gifts to all of us!! ;)

And the meeting with my director fruitful, thanks!