Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prayer Songs Series - 'Like a Child' and 'My Redeemer Lives'

I thought I would upload the last of my two videos at once, since I would like to do other things this week. So, today's songs are "Like a Child" (which comes from Psalm 131) and "My Redeemer Lives" (this version is not the traditional one).

I wanted to do more fast and upbeat songs, but it's very difficult for me to play and sing at the same time to begin with, so I can only do simple songs.

Happy Corpus Christi!

Like A Child Rests in its mother's arms, so will I rest in you (x2)

(Vs 1) My God, I am not proud,
I do not look for things to great.

(Vs 2) My God, I trust in you
You care for me, You give me peace.

(Vs. 3) O Israel, trust in God
Now and always, trust in God!

I know that my redeemer lives
the One who calls me home
I long to see God face to face
to see with mine own eyes (to ref)

(Ref) I know that my redeemer lives
that I shall rise again (x2)

I know that I will see one day
the goodness of the Lord
When God will wipe away our tears
and death will be no more (to ref)

The last day I shall rise again
shall be remade like God
My home shall be by God's own side
the dying, rising Lord! (to ref)


steve p said...

ITMRL is such a beautiful song - nice job. BTW, what sheet music are you using?


Ryan Rallanka, SJ said...

Thanks =) That version is written by Scott Soper, which you can get from OCP. Let me know if you need help finding it

Skip said...

Brother Ryan...

Thanks for posting the songs. Very good. I'm in music liturgy at my parish (St Elizabeth Ann Seton in Absecon, NJ). The parish music director called me in a bit of a tizzy asking me to fill in at our Saturday evening Mass. The music lineup included "Like a Child Rests." I wasn't familiar with the song, so I googled it and up popped your blog page with the video of the song. I found the song easy to pick up, thanks to your very clear recording of it. You really helped me out, my young Scholastic friend!

Peace and all good.

Skip Wallace, SFO

Ryan Rallanka, SJ said...

I'm delighted you found it helpful! It's a simple song but can sound quite nice.

Rick said...

Just came back from a funeral and this was the last hymn they sang at the end of the service. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan: I love your blog and I really enjoy reading about your experiences as you pursue your vocation. However, I am concerned that you are posting at
2am! Good heavens, get some sleep!I must admit I ADORE the music blogs...very beautiful. I now know what you do between your guest baritone gigs at Christmas and Easter with the Cathedral Choir! You have amazing things to say. Keep writing! We are all listening.
Blessings, Lola K.

Ryan Rallanka, SJ said...

Oh Lola! So surprised to see you write! Thanks for the message!

Well, first you should realize that I am 3 hours ahead of you =p But, as I mentioned in my last post, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to bed.

Also, singing in the choir has become one of my fav. things to do when I come home for Christmas. It was fun to sing with you all. I have Mater Ora Filia recently downloaded =p