Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer Plans

Because of the current financial situation, an all-call has been made requesting that all scholastics should expect to come back to the Northwest to work in-province for the summer. I think I would have naturally wanted to come back to province anyway, so I am happy to be heading back to the Northwest in a month's time.

I find myself quite excited for this upcoming summer. First, I will be heading into Spokane primarily for our annual 8 day silent retreat followed by province days, in which many of the Jesuits in the province will gather together. Most exciting at the end of province days are Ordinations, in which six of our men will be ordained. Six! I think it's wonderful to have that many guys ordained this year.

Following ordinations, I will be heading back to Portland to stay for a few weeks at the novitiate. The province wants a few guys to work the grounds for the summer, so I am happy to do that kind of work. I grew up doing a lot of yard work (mostly because my dad told me to), but I find that I rather enjoy it. There's nothing like nice, straight lines on a lawn (yeah, I'm a nerd). And, God forbid that I HAVE to be outside during nice sunny weather. Not one of the perks to the academic life.

Some of the other guys, for example, will stay in Spokane, where much help is needed in our infirmary, Bea House. The cost of taking care of our elder Jesuits can be quite high, so this help that the scholastics will be providing this summer will be a large help, and I'm sure our elder Jesuits will find it a great blessing to have a number of our younger guys to interact with. Some of the scholastics will become certified nurse's aids in the process.

The Jesuits at Bea House are always grateful for your prayers, especially for their wellbeing and health.

Following my stay in Portland, I will be heading into Seattle to help a fellow Jesuit regent, Glen Butterworth, with his fledgling program, 4-weeks a Jesuit, which you can learn about here. This is an opportunity for young men, from recent high school grads up to college grads, interested in the Society to explore what it means to be a Jesuit. I am very excited about this opportunity and hope the program will be a successful one.

Following my stint, I will be heading out to villa for about a week or two. This is a time not only to meet up with fellow Jesuits, but also a much needed time for rest and rejuvenation. Here's are pictures of our villa at Nestucca. It has a VERY Northwest feel to it.

After that, it is back to Portland to celebrate the First Vows of our second year novices, which I am also very much looking forward to. And, after that, the cycle of year starts up once again.

I think it's going to be a good summer.

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