Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 Questions

On the right of my webpage, you will find a blog entitled Acts: Jesuit Vocations in the Northwest. The page is updated about every week with different reflections. During these updates, a young Jesuit in our province is asked a number of questions for reflection.  

This week, I offer to that blog my own reflections to 3 questions asked of me:
1) Would you describe a particular time when it was a great joy to be a Jesuit?

2) What would you say are your greatest talents, skills, or gifts you enjoy in your life?
(I would have written a little bit about writing, but at the time that I sent in my answers, I hadn't received permission for the blog. I also didn't want to send in a thesis)

3) What are the key needs of the world today and how do you experience that in ministry?

If you are interested in my answers, you may visit our Jesuit Vocations blog. It's about two posts down.  

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