Saturday, February 14, 2009

All in Good Fun: My Tin Whistle has more buttons than your Tin Whistle

A little change of pace from this week's postings. (Note: post/video is not meant to be taken seriously) 

So earlier this week, one of the Jesuits in the community decided to write a post on his blog and titled it "Smackdown!" Just because I'm new to the community, he thinks he can push me around, intimidate me, and then has the audacity to depict himself as the innocent one in this relationship! 

Everyone knows that I am truly the gentle and innocent one here. 

I will not sit back, however, and let such defamatory remarks go by without response--especially those about stick dances and cabbage patch dolls. So I say, Hear ye, hear ye, Duns, I havt come to rub salt on thy most vulnerable wound--your beloved tin whistle.
Now, some of you may know that this other unnamed Jesuit, also known as non-Filipino Ryan, has a series of youtube videos in which he seeks to educate the wider audience on the art of tin whistle. Just go to site and type in the words "Ryan Duns Tin Whistle" and you shall witness him in all his glory. Here is a link to one of his videos. He even teaches a course on it at Fordham. Scary, I know. But, do not be fooled by his appearance. He may seem sweet. He may look holy. Don't be fooled. It's only been a short time, but HE is the one trying to run ME out of the blogging world with his threat of "rallying the troops".  

So, after encountering a few of his videos, I thought I would make my own tin whistle video. Not only have I invaded your blogging space, I have now invaded your youtube space!! Muahahahaha!!! You cannot get rid of me that easily, sir.  

And, what warms my heart the most is to know that God is on my side. Praise Jesus!

(Actually, you may see me do more videos since, unfortunately, it seems like Ryan and I have similar interests--specifically writing and music. I don't think I'll do many videos like the one I just recorded. I don't do tin whistle, and I probably won't do much with my clarinet, but I might be inspired to record some songs now and then on the piano. Just an idea that's been floating in my head)


rnafaith said...

haha ryan you're a dork!

man you look ready for your own show on EWTN...right after Mother Angelica lol. I was waiting for you to bust out some jazz hands at some point. what's with the comment about getting your pet neutered?? have you seen the recent office episode? all i can say is angela with her cats = grooosss!

Jake Martin, SJ said...

I prefer Nice Ryan to Eville Ryan. Btw, you are nice Ryan, Ryan.